Don’t Let Your Boat Catch A Cold!

Cold weather can cause a multitude of issues with your vessel.


Batteries take the biggest hit during colder weather it is always recommended to have a quality charging system keeping your batteries maintained. If you have wet-cell batteries it is also recommended to keep them topped off with distilled water.

Not sure if your batteries are still good?

We can perform a simple pass or fail load test to your batteries to catch a problem before your batteries leave you stranded or give you the peace of mind that your batteries are healthy.

Annual Service

Most engine manufactures recommend servicing your engine annually.

This time of year is a great time to get an annual service done so you are ready for the Spring boating season. Let us give the most important part of your boat its yearly checkup. So you can get the reliability you deserve on the water. We go through your engines vitals, replace all necessary filters, fluids, and anodes.

Wash and Wax

The heat of the Summer puts a beating on the finish of your boat. Let us restore your boat back to new so when the weather warms up your boats protected from the sun while looking great on the water.

Keep Things Moving

Monthly maintenance helps ensure your boat is ready when you are. We offer a variety of packages that can be custom tailored to your specific needs.

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Reasons for choosing a yacht management company.

There are many reasons to choose a Yacht Management company–like ours–to take care of your boat/yacht services.

Absentee Boat Owner 

If you are away from your boat for most of the time, it is a really good idea to have someone keep an eye on it for reasons of weather (storm prep & cleanup afterwards), a general walk through every so often to make sure the boat is in working order and there are no leaks, electronic issues, or anything of that nature that could cause a problem. And, if you’re coming to town, there is someone to do a general walk through for your boat to make sure it looks nice for your short visit.

Not only do we do management of the inside, we also manage the outside such as making sure your boat is cleaned from top to bottom.

Local Boat Owner 

If you’re always on your boat, having a management company on tap is always a good idea. Monthly checklists–like ours–are great for boats that are consistently out on the water. Not only are we on the boat a few times a month, but everything will get checked, and if there are any service issues–we will be there for you and work with you to get it resolved.


Our company–Tampa Bay Yacht Management–provides monthly service packages to both yachts and center consoles. We have an all-inclusive engine checklist, electronics checklist, strainer cleaner, topside/hull washing, preventive maintenance and many more… all for one bill per month! 

Feel free to call us 727-433-TBYM for a free quote, send us a message via our website or

Tampa Bay Yacht Management Maintenance Packages

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and need your Yacht or Center Console to be serviced or managed, please CONTACT US!

We have maintenance packages for…

  • engine checklists
  • electronic checklists
  • strainer cleaner
  • bottom cleaning
  • topside/hull washing
  • preventative maintenance
  • and more!

ALL for only ONE bill per month! Checklists get sent out as soon as the checklist is done.

Tampa Bay Yacht Management 
200 2nd Ave South #492 
St Petersburg FL 33701