Tampa Bay Yacht Management

Contact us today for any service/installation on the following products:

Optimus Control Systems

We have multiple certified technicians on staff that are certified by Sea Star to perform maintenance, installation, and retrofits on Sea Star Optimus products. The Optimus line includes the EPS steering system, the Sea station GPS system, and the 360 Joystick Control System. Contact us for a quote for your vessel!

Rhodan Trolling Motor Systems

These Rhodan GPS anchor systems are the latest and greatest in the trolling motor world. No more using your anchor inshore or even offshore! Simply press a button and the Rhodan will automatically keep you exactly where you want using GPS included in the trolling motor. We’ve installed these GPS anchor systems on boats up to 40′ and 15,000 lbs.

Power Pole Shallow Water Anchor

The Power Pole has become a staple in the bay-boat world. Once you go inshore fishing with one (or two), you’ll never touch your anchor again in depths up to 10 feet! Contact us today for an installation quote!