Mobile Monthly Maintenance Packages

Tampa Bay Yacht Management

-the affordable alternative to a full-time captain.

We come to your vessel on a regular schedule to perform the following:
-Systems Checklist
-Topside and Hull Washing
-Bottom Cleaning
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This is an in-depth report every two weeks or once per month and is the most important aspect of vessel maintenance above the waterline. This includes running engines, checking electronics, cleaning strainers, and much, much more. Contact us for details on our extensive checklist reports.

Topside and Hull Washing

As often as you would like, we come to your vessel to wash and dry the exterior of your vessel to keep the vessel looking nice.

Bottom Cleaning

On a regular schedule we come to your vessel and clean the bottom to rid of growth. This service also maintains your vessel’s sacrificial anodes, replacing when necessary and alerting the vessel’s owner of any abnormal activity.


Scheduled detailing/waxing is also necessary to keep your vessel looking new. Each vessel will be on its own specific detailing schedule.

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Every vessel and situation is different, so we create custom maintenance packages. These packages can include all or some of these services. Contact us for pricing on your custom mobile maintenance package! __________________________________________