Get more sun protection with a SureShade® retractable sunshade system installed on your boat!

SureShade® retractable sunshade system installed on your boat!SureShade® has transformed how the industry thinks about boat shade by creating the must-have permanent shade solution trusted by top boat builders to make the boating experience even better.
Installed on thousands of boats worldwide, SureShade is the must-have shade solution that top boat builders choose and boaters demand. Made in USA.

Boat Shades Built for Every Boat Size and Style

SureShade’s patented telescoping shade systems offer improved sun protection and on-board comfort, with options for every boat size and style. Install shades aft, bow or both.


SureShade M3 Automated Mega Boat Shade

SureShade MTF Manual Boat Shade

SureShade MTX Pull-Out Boat Shade

SureShade RTX Pull-Out Boat Shade

Extend Your Shade

Here's an example of an install!

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